Scroll Testnet Airdrop strategy (10+ DAPPS & BRIDGE) — (100% FREE)

5 min readJul 11, 2023

@Scroll_ZKP is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum that enables native compatibility for existing Ethereum applications and tools. It has 1.8 billion valuation and no token yet. Scroll raised $80M Funded by several investors — Qiming Venture Partners and Polychain being the most recent. Vitalik, Barry Whitehat, Chih-Cheng Liang and Konstantopoulos made reviews of Scroll.

Scroll mainnet is set to launch this August! There is also a proposal to deploy Aave V3 on the Scroll mainnet. Less Than A Month Left for Scroll Mainnet so interact with as many protocols as you can. Time is limited now!!!

How to use Scroll Testnet, deposit in Scroll’s AAVE, swap in Scroll’s Uniswap v3? (No funds are required)

Here’s a list of projects available for testing on the Scroll testnet, which could potentially make you eligible for an airdrop :

First Add chain Layer 1 &2 :

Get some Goerli ETH : or

Bridge Goerli ETH to Scroll Alpha testnet :

-Make 3–6 bridge TX

1/ Aave: :

First Turn on “Testnet mode” to access Scroll testnet.

Follow Steps:

- Click on the settings icon (top right)

-Turn on “Testnet mode”

-Select “Scroll testnet” on Version 3

Switch to scroll alpha network . After deposit of scroll eth you can use it for Supply and Borrow! 1st click on supply :

After supply click borrow :

-borrow 3–5 tokens

-after borrowing withdraw some eth

2/ Syncswap:

-Select scroll apha

-Use for swap and add liquidity in pool

-Swap at least 10 different tokens

-Create at least 3 liquidity positions with different tokens

3/ Orbiter:

-Use for Bridging (SCROLL TO 3–5 DIFFERENT BRIDGE )

-Bridge to/from Scroll testnet — Use V1 and V2 both

4/ Layer3: Complete All scroll quests one by one (Total 4 Qest till now)

Check all Quest :

5/ Guild: Claim Guild role :

Right now, we can get the “Mystery role” only, unless you are a hacker!!!

6/ Deploy a smart contract on Scroll Testnet Full guide:

( All tasks on testnet and no VPS or anything required. 100% FREE)

7/ OpenLeverage :

@OpenLeverage is a permissionless lending and margin trading protocol, enabling traders to go long or short with any pairs on DEXs efficiently and securely.

- Claim ATK and BTK faucet and trade, deposit, borrow/repay.

8/ Catalyst :

@CatalystAMM is a cross-chain liquidity layer for modular chains. Bonus: — Potential Airdrop — Raised $4.2m Fund

Use it for cross-chain swaps+ from/to Scroll Alpha testnet.

9/ Router Protocol : Two products created by @routerprotocol are currently live and available for testing on the Scroll Alpha Testnet.

1. Ping Pong :

Ping Pong is a cross-chain application built using Router that allows users to send an arbitrary message (Ping) from one chain to another.

- Send a cross-chain message and get an exclusive NFT.

2. Texchange :

Texchange an Interoperable Decentralized Application (IDApp) designed to enhance interoperability.

- Do cross-chain swap and get an exclusive NFT.

- You can swap from/to Scroll-Mantle Testnet as well.

10/ iZUMi Finance :

@izumi_Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS).

Try the different features like 1/ asset swapping, 2/PRO trading 3/ liquidity add, 4/ pools, 5/farm

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Scroll Explorer :

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Remember, Airdrops aren’t guaranteed to make you money , Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project! We have no idea if the projects will have an airdrop or what the airdrop criteria might be. The timing of airdrops is uncertain — it may take many months until a project officially announces an airdrop. By continuing to check in on projects and complete tasks in their ecosystem you give yourself the best chance of receiving potential airdrops.