Linea Park : Web3 Gaming Campaign Guide

5 min readFeb 22, 2024

What is Linea Park?

Linea Park represents the pinnacle of web3 gaming and social dapps, a vibrant and dynamic space where users can discover, engage, and enjoy cutting-edge projects while earning Linea LXP. It is not just a platform, but a community-driven adventure designed to make web3 accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The adventure will launch on February 20th, 2024, 9 am EST and will go on for six weeks, until April 2nd, 2024. Our quest partner for Linea Park is Layer3 and they have helped us set up a fully virtual world where you can explore all the exciting aspects of gaming and web3 socials.

Let’s dive into Task :


  • Complete the welcome quests (click any option, don’t worry about wrong ans, try again)

TASK 2 : ‘’RPG & MMO’’

  • 1st quest : Space Falcon Aviatrix. Click the yellow spot!
  • Don’t download the game! Skip it.
  • setup username & pass
  • click next
  • Connect Wallet
  • click mint
  • write NFT amount 1 & click mint now
  • confirm tx
  • go to quest & click verify
  • click Add NFT to Inventory
  • approve Metamask
  • go back to layer3 quest page and click verify
  • you can skip additional task, if you want!

TASK 3 : Gamer Boom : Genesis Testing with Linea Reward: 15–40 LXP

  • 2nd NFT — $20 (optional)
  • skip additional task
  • go back to quest and click verify

TASK 4 : Claim Nidum Mystery Box 2 with BONUS (Rewards: 15–30 LXP)

  • Click “Claim NFT” & claim
  • Select “CONTINUE” & “RELEASE”
  • Select 1 & click Release!
  • Confirm tx
  • go back to quest and click verify

TASK 5 : Galactic Exploration: Unlock Your Linea Travelbag (Rewards: 15–35 LXP)

  • select Linea
  • Create account & select gender
  • Walk around (5 seconds, claim Layer3)
  • BONUS TASK : Linea Travel Bag
  • Just Mint and DONE!
  • go back to quest and click verify

TASK 6 : Meta Apes City Developer

TASK 6 : The Unfettered Quest

Download Hyperplay game :

The Unfettered — How to Download:

The Unfettered — How to play :

To receive LXP, you have to complete PoH (Proof of Humanity)

Complete 1 attestation from group A

Complete 2 attestation from group B

We will update this guide when more quest will be LIVE! Stay with us…

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