Linea Mainnet (ConsenSys zkEVM) — Step by Step Guide |+5K-$10K Airdrop?

6 min readJul 25, 2023



Linea is a type 2 zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM). A zkEVM replicates the Ethereum environment as a rollup and allows developers to build on it as they would on Ethereum mainnet. Linea allows you to deploy any smart contract, use any tool, and develop as if you’re building on Ethereum with lower transaction cost.

Linea also rised $727M in funding which is multiple time bigger than layer zero and zksync!

Linea is one of the most hyped projects with high hopes on an potential airdrop. They have recently airdropped NFTs to testnet users but mainnet is expected to be much more important in determining the final airdrop allocation.

Let’s dive into Task :


‘’TASK — 1: (BRIDGE)’’

Bridge 1 : Official Linea bridge

  • Visit :
  • Connect wallet
  • Enter ETH amount
  • Only Ethereum mainnet supported
  • Click ‘Manual claiming’ option for low fees
  • Click Bridge
  • Approve metamask txn
  • Done!

(This is official bridge of Linea, use at least 3–4 Times & generate +$1K Volume)

Bridge 2 : Stargate Bridge

Bridge 3 : Orbiter Finance

  • Click —
  • Connect wallet
  • Select token
  • select Linea
  • select other network (base, eth, zksync etc.)
  • click send
  • Approve metamask txn
  • Done !

(Orbiter Finance will launch their own token so interact with it as much as you can)

Bridge 4 : RhinoFi

  • Click-
  • Connect wallet
  • Select Arbitrum & ETH on deposit side
  • Enter $ETH u want to bridge to #Linea
  • Approve metamask txn
  • Under withdraw select “Linea”
  • Enter max amount
  • Confirm

Bridge 5 : Celer bridge

(Must use Linea official bridge. Then you can use other bridges. For low fees you can try orbiter bridge)

‘’TASK — 2: (SWAP)’’

Dex 1 : Syncswap

  • Click —
  • Connect wallet
  • Select ETH-BUSD pair
  • Swap some ETH to BUSD
  • Approve metamask txn
  • Done!

(syncswap don’t have any token so potential for airdrop)

DEX 2 : Echo_DEX

DEX 3 : Kyberswap

DEX 4 : Symbiosis_fi

DEX 5 : Horizondex_io

  • Click —
  • Connect wallet
  • Select ETH-BUSD pair
  • Swap some ETH to BUSD
  • Approve metamask txn
  • Now swap back BUSD to ETH
  • They have ongoing Loyalty program you can Earn yHZN
  • As its new dex don’t add liquidity***


DEX 7 : LineaBank

(The only lending protocol on Linea. You can pre-mine their $LAB token till 25th July)

‘’TASK — 3: (POOL)’’

(Add liquidity in pools. This task is very important for Airdrop)

(syncswap don’t have any token so potential for airdrop)



NFT Marketplace 1: Bilinear

  • Click —
  • Connect wallet
  • Click profile
  • Create collection
  • Fill details
  • Add image
  • Mint collection
  • Add some NFTs
  • Buy & Sell NFTs. Increase your NFT volume and transactions.

NFT Marketplace 2: Zonic

(Few fake collection be careful while buying Linea Voyage NFT, wait till official announcement on Voyage collection link)

NFT Mint & Bridge 3 : Merkly

(This will increase Layer zero interaction and number of destination chains)

‘’TASK — 5: (BUY DOMAIN)’’


1/ Orbiter x Linea Odyssey Phase 1 :

2/ HorizonDEX Linea Pioneer :

  • Join Discord :
  • Check Wallet Rank :
  • Linea Ecosystem :
  • Linea Scanner :
  • Check your activity :

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Airdrops aren’t guaranteed to make you money , Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project! We have no idea if the projects will have an airdrop or what the airdrop criteria might be. The timing of airdrops is uncertain — it may take many months until a project officially announces an airdrop. By continuing to check in on projects and complete tasks in their ecosystem you give yourself the best chance of receiving potential airdrops!