BASE (Scaled by Coinbase) BIG AIRDROP >$5K to $10K | Complete guide

5 min readJul 31, 2023



Base is a new Ethereum L2, incubated by #Coinbase and built on the open-source OP Stack! Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin broker based in San Francisco. It was founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Besides Bitcoin brokerage, Coinbase offers a developer API, exchange, and wallet.

Base, Coinbase’s latest creation, is built on Optimism’s OP-stack technology.This innovative platform offers a safe, cost-effective, and ultra-user-friendly environment for both users and developers. As Coinbase is valued at several billion dollars, Base has the potential to become the next big airdrop!

How to get Base Airdrop?

Base team says there will be no token, but many projects like Arbitrum or Optimism have also said so. Thats why we are not gonna miss this network at early stage. In order to make your account eligible for the potential Base token airdrop you need to interact with ecosystem. Check the tasks below :

‘’TASK — 1 : (BRIDGE)’’

Bridge 1 : Base Official Bridge

(Do 1/2 bridge in Weekly/Monthly. Min 4–6 bridge and generate +$1K deposit volume)

Bridge 2 : Stargate Bridge

Bridge 3 : Orbiter Finance

  • visit :
  • connect wallet
  • select token
  • select base network
  • write amount
  • select other network (BSC/ETH/ARB/OP etc.)
  • click send
  • approve TXs

(Orbiter Finance will launch their own token so interact with it for a potential airdrop)

Bridge 4: Abracadabra

‘’TASK — 2 : (NFT MINT)’’

NFT 1:

  • visit :
  • connect wallet
  • select base netowork
  • Create project
  • mint your nft
  • mint other projet nft
  • mint FREE NFT
  • increase nft volume & transaction

(MintFun has raised $20M from VCs like Variant & Dragonfly! IF you do daily transactions and mint NFT , this can make you eligible for ‘BASE’ airdrop and also you will get points for mintfun airdrop)

NFT 2 : OnchainSummer

NFT 3 : Crossmint

‘’TASK — 3 : (DEX)’’

***Use all DEX to increase you base network Interactions!

Dex 1 : Uniswap

(Do TX in every week. Generate 1K+ volume)

Dex 2 : Sushiswap

  • visit :
  • connect metamask
  • select BASE network
  • select ETH or Any token
  • write amount
  • click SWAP
  • confirm metamask

(Do TX in every week. Generate 1K+ volume)

Dex 3: DodoDex


‘’TASK — 4 : (DISCORD & GUILD)’’


‘’TASK — 5: (BUY DOMAIN)’’

‘’TASK — 6: (QUEST)’’

Layer3 :

Galxe :

BASE Ecosystem :

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Airdrops aren’t guaranteed to make you money , Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project! We have no idea if the projects will have an airdrop or what the airdrop criteria might be. The timing of airdrops is uncertain — it may take many months until a project officially announces an airdrop. By continuing to check in on projects and complete tasks in their ecosystem you give yourself the best chance of receiving potential airdrops!